Quarter Circle 10 45 AUTO Caliber Carbine

The Quarter Circle 10 45 caliber carbine is the first truly dedicated 45 caliber carbine in the AR platform. The carbine utilizes a standard block magazine for easy commonality with the Glock pistols. Quarter Circle 10 is now the new industry standard in pistol caliber AR rifles.

Sig MPX 9mm Caliber Carbine - Take 2

My early attempts at filming were not successful. I was still trying to figure out what kind of content I wanted to put out and how I wanted it to appear. My first attempt filming the Sig MPX was a failure. I didn't figure into the mix other shooters at the range, even though I secured a private area far away from the general range. Obviously, not far enough. So my first filming had a lot of background firing. Flash 4-6 months later and I've finally cured that problem and decided to focus on the technical side of weapons. So here is Sig MPX SBR - Take 2!

POF-USA The Puritan

This is POF-USA's entry level external piston rifle, and my favorite of the lineup. This particular rifle I own, which tells you how much I enjoyed it. It is a lightweight and extremely reliable rifle with a lot of innovative improvements from one of the founding design companies of the modern external piston AR rifle.

American Tactical AK-47

The American Tactical has taken Yugoslavian parts kits and assembled them in a milled American made receiver and an American made barrel, producing a high quality and reliable underfold AK rifle. This particular rifle was one of the first rifles I've ever had that every single one of the magazines of my inventory fit and functioned in. Many of those magazines would not fit in the NODAK SPUD, Chinese Norinco, and WASR Romanian AKM receivers, particularly the American made polymor magazines would not fit. The AT-47 offers an extremely high quality rifle with a reasonable price tag.

POF-USA The Renegade Plus

POF-USA has built its reputation on the development of external piston AR type rifles. The last thing anybody thought they would introduce would be a direct gas rifle. Well, they did it! The Renegade Plus is a direct gas impingement rifle that utilizes most all of the enhanced features offered by POF-USA. These include the ambidextrous lower receiver, the heat sink barrel nut, the e2 chamber, and introduces the new DIctator adjustable gas system, and their new enhanced bolt carrier group.

British SA80

We have the unique opportunity to take a close look at the British SA80/L85A1 Rifle. The controversial British bullpup had an extremely rocky start. And today, it remains a suitable battle rifle which is destined to be replaced within the next decade. Regardless of how you feel about this rifle it has been a symbol of British firepower in the global war on terrorism.

Sig 516 AR Pistol and Brace

With the introduction of the AR pistols, most major manufacturers have come out with their own line of AR pistols. Sig started out with a direct gas pistol and now has added a pistol to their 516 family of external piston operated weapons. The Sig 516 pistol started off as the 516 PDW, which was an SBR. This particular 516 pistol is equipped with the controversial Sig brace.