The LMT LM308MWSA Rifle is a direct derivative of the semi-automatic LM308MWS. The combat proven L129A1 in use by British sharp shooters has gone on to be adopted by other countries as well. The New Zealand Army purchased a very similar rifle but had the additional requirement for fully automatic capability. This makes complete sense in the fact that snipers go out either alone or in a two man team. If they were to get into trouble by having the select fire capability, as well as the heavy barrel, the rifle could serve as a light support weapon to provide the heavy fire power that may be required to break the engagement. The LMT LM308MWSA does just that. It provides precision accuracy but in the moment of need can provide a heavy volume of fire.

Due to the modularity of the MWS upper receiver, the barrel is easily swapped out at the user level. Barrels are offered in mil-spec chrome plated configuration, as well as match grade configurations. Based on my experience of having the opportunity to fire most 7.62mm selective fire modern military rifles, the LMT LM308MWSA stands out from the rest in its excellent controlability on fully automatic fire. LMT has found the balance between weight and cyclic rate of fire to make the rifle easy to control and keep on target, where other rifles in its class have significant recoil and muzzle climb.

First seen in combat in the early 80's in the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan this 5.45x39mm caliber rifle had been shrouded in secrecy from its adoption in 1974 to replace the 7.62x39mm AKM rifles in the Soviet Army. The rifle was developed from lessons learned from the 5.56mm caliber M16 rifle in the jungles of Vietnam which had proven the lethality of a small caliber high velocity projectile over the standard 30 caliber projectile. The AK74 was a modified version of the AKM with several new features. It had also been proven that based on various variables that the AK74 was a more reliable platform then its 7.62mm big brother. This rifle and cartridge would go on to be adopted by all Warsaw pact countries. However, the 7.62x39mm remained in production and in use throughout Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Introduced in the early 1990's to the American firearms market, the very sought out rifle has seen wide use in the American market, primarily with rifles built off of parts kits from Bulgaria, Romania, Poland and some Russian rifles. The rifle is the least powerful of any military rifle in service, however, its control ability is excellent, as well as its accuracy. It had earned a gruesome reputation in Afghanistan, and is still to this day the service cartridge of Russia and many of its allies.
This is a review of the Colt Modular Rifle LE901-16S. Although very late in the game, Colt has finally released a 7.62mm caliber rifle. The concept of this rifle is multi caliber but in a very different way than its been done in the past. The rifle is convertible from the standard 7.62mm upper receiver to the standard mil-spec M16/M4 upper receiver with the use of a magazine well adaptor. From my perspective, this is an excellent 7.62mm assault rifle. Although a good selling point to be convertible the reality is if you want a 5.56mm base rifle you would have a dedicated rifle for it. A solider is not going to carry a spare upper receiver assembly, buffer assembly and magazines in his backpack. This rifle in its 7.62 configuration would certainly have been an excellent assault rifle for use in Iraq and Afghanistan due to the longer shot range opportunities, as well as its barrier penetration performance. The success of this rifle has been minimal, not due to the design, but due to the fact that its competing against rifles such as: HK417, SCAR17, Knights Armament SR25 rifles, and LMT MWS series rifles, which already have several years of successful combat experience.
With the ever rising costs of .223/5.56mm ammunition there has been an opening in the industry for lower cost alternatives for training and target shooting. Many manufacturers have introduced .22 Long Rifle caliber upper receivers to the industry. One of, if not the finest conversion in the industry is offered by Tactical Solutions. The rifle shown in this video has been surprisingly reliable. The video shows consecutively firing 230 rounds without a single malfunction. It is a testament to the quality of Tactical Solutions. The rifle was fed by Black Dog Manufacturing magazines, which their reliability complimented the quality of the Tactical Solutions upper receiver. The ammunition was provided by Remington. The load is their popular Thunder Bolt.
Glock has gone on to become the most popular law enforcement pistol in the United States; along with that, an even stronger commercial following. This video will give you a brief history of the path of perfection that the Glock pistol has made since its introduction into the US Market. We discuss some of the different calibers, as well as show detailed stripping of the pistol. A must see for any Glock aficionado.
The Vietnam war has been over for about 43 years but the legacy of the M16 still haunts the family of weapons in 2016. Much misinformation has been put out there from veterans. They give accounts to what happened but what is missing from the story is why. This video goes into the actual mechanical issues. What caused them, in some cases who caused them and what it finally took to get the rifle fixed or should I say adapted to the new ammunition using ball powder and to complete the development process which should have been done before the rifle hit the battlefields of Southeast Asia. Never before has this been taken on in-depth in any video or tv show. I have seen every documentary out there on the subject and not one of them got it right. Some in fact were blatantly wrong and severely incomplete. There is no opinion of what happened back then. Only mechanical explanation which is scientifically explained. I take you through the facts in this hour long video and explain what really happened with the M16 in Vietnam.

Armalite AR-10 A2

The Armalite AR10 A2, Armalite "Infantry Rifle" version of their AR10 series rifle. This provides a equivalent of the M16 A2 and the 7.62mm NATO caliber. The rifle uses traditional A2 style iron sites and a proven modified M14 steel magazine. This is an accurate and reliable traditional combat rifle for those who like the big bore 7.62mm cartridge.

Fact vs Fantasy on the Beretta M9/92FS

Watching numerous YouTubers discuss what happened with the Beretta M9 compelled me to address this issue and clear up a lot of the misconceptions that have tarnished Beretta's reputation and detracted from the solider's faith in his sidearm. The M9 has served with distinction for three decades with the US Military. I hope this rather in-depth video clears up a lot of the wrong information that is floating around.


The newest addition to the LMT lineup, the long anticipated fully ambidexterous lower receiver. This video has a first look at the MARS lower and the selective fire capability. A technical review and demonstration of the MRP CQB monolithic upper receiver. I believe that this rifle system is the fourth generation evolution of the m16 series weapons.