A rep from Pro For Sho contacted me in August right before Hurricane Harvey about trying out some new shooting ear protection. Honestly, I wasn't expecting much when I found out they were only about $17 and the ones Chris has me use at the range are supposed to be top of the line, electronic. Simply put, the expensive ones I've been complaining about since the year we starting filming I considered absolute crap. I still was hearing a lot of range noise and my ears would ring.

Yesterday was the first day we got to test them out and I instantly noticed a HUGE difference! We did a test. I had Chris wear the usual electronic ones to fire a pistol, then with the same pistol, I had him switch to the Pro For Sho and he instantly said "YES, OK, These are way better!" So we are happy to endorse this product and bring it to you with a DISCOUNT CODE they have also created for you to save even a little more off the already low price. The code will save you 10% off. It is exclusive to Small Arms Solutions and it is a reusable code, in case you want to buy one and then end up getting more. The Code is:
With all the controversy surrounding the MHS program, few people have heard about what Beretta put together to provide the Army with a excellent improved M9 pistol which had 80% of the specifications of the MHS program. Also they offered a retrofit program to convert current M9 pistols to the new M9A3 configuration. In my opinion, with all of the disgraceful MHS selection process, this would have been a much more viable option than where those chips fell.
Volume 2 is now available for sale on Amazon! Volume 2 is a continuation of Volume 1 covering the Black Rifle series of articles. Volume 3 will be available next week and it will cover handguns, shotguns, AKs, ammunition, armorer's tools, etc. Volume 3 will be the final volume. And then I will be working on signed hardback versions, and all three volumes bound in one collectors version next month.
The Global War on Terrorism has shown gaps in the armament of many nations defense forces. The environments of Afghanistan and Iraq are quite different. Iraq is mostly urban warfare where Afghanistan is more mountainous and affords much longer shots. The U.K. Army found they needed a rifle with longer range capabilities than their 5.56mm SA80 rifles. They decided on a semi-auto 7.62x51mm Sharpshooter Rifle. Entries were submitted by Knights Armament, Saber Defense, FN, H&K and LMT. The selected rifle was the LMT LM7 better known as the LM308MWS.

This rifle featured LMT's monolithic upper receiver with their removable barrel assembly. The rifle is fitted with a 6x Trijicon ACOG with a RMO on top. SUREFIRE flash suppressor on a 16 inch stainless steel 1 turn 8.25 inch twist optimists from 147 to 168gr projectiles. This rifle has distinguished itself on the battlefield of Afghanistan.
This is a multi-volume series on the writings of Chris Bartocci. Volume 1 is focused on the Black Rifle from manufacturers: Colt, HK, Armalite, JP Enterprises, Sig Sauer, Rock River Arms, POF, Yankee Hill, Lancer, ADCOR, etc.

This volume contains 41 articles that have appeared in popular gun magazines from over the years, put together in book form. Chris Bartocci has worked in the firearms industry for over 25 years. He has been employed by most of the major gun manfacturers as a technical writer and consultant. He has traveled all over the world teaching armorer's courses, and training the military and police on the latest weapons systems. Chris Bartocci is the author of Black Rifle II, and was a staff writer for Small Arms Review and Small Arms Defense Journal magazines. He has written for popular gun magazines for last 20 years. A Collection of Writings, multi-volume series, represents an expansive body of work. It is truly an impressive culmination of years spent researching and reviewing the latest firearms technology to enter the industry.

Signed hardback copies will be available in the coming weeks.
The AK is legendary. And, nearly all Warsaw Pact countries carried it, except for one and that was Czechoslovakia. They decided they wanted to build their own rifle. By outward appearance, the VZ58 looks like an AK, but it has nothing in common.

The Czech rifle uses a short stroke piston and a locking block locking system compared to the long stroke and rotating bolt of the AK family of rifles. The propriety VZ58 magazine has a provision to permit the bolt to lock open on the VZ58. The VZ58 has found its way into conflicts throughout the world such as the Vietnam War.

The Czech Point VZ58 here is a commercial rifle manufactured in the Czech Republic. It is extremely well made and completely reliable. The only issues I had were due to my large frame, big hands and long arms. For me, the stock was way too short and pistol grip too small. For a normal sized person, this more than likely would not be a problem. This is a great rifle to have in a collection. Still in use by the Slovakian Army, once they completely replace the VZ58, there is a better than average chance production will cease for good.
Glock has continued to diversify their product line, and the Glock 41 is a perfect example of that. Longer slide (longer sight radius) and longer barrel (more complete powder burn and higher velocity). But the biggest plus is the narrower slide compared to the Glock 21. This makes a difference in the weight. The frame still accepts the G21 magazine. This pistol also permits the installation of a reflex sight. I took advantage of that and installed one on my Glock 41. It is amazing what this does for the accuracy!

Glock has a very diversified .45 Auto caliber line up - the duty size 21 with the compact 10 shot model 30. For someone with smaller hands they have the single column magazine G36. The G41, although perfectly suited as a duty pistol, truly shines in the tactical match role. This Glock 41 is definitely an excellent addition to my collection.
Few firearms have had the popularity born right off the silver screen such as Dirty Harry's S&W model 29, 44 Magnum "most powerful handgun in the world". America fell in love not just with this powerful revolver but the Justice handed down without the legal technicalities that got criminals off.

Smith & Wesson discontinued the model 29 for awhile. But the Dirty Harry series is timeless. Every time the movies air, interest is sparked and more guns sell. The newest Classic in production is the same 6 inch blue model Harry Callahan carried with the addition of a lock out safety and internal firing pin instead of the firing pin being on the hammer. This video clearly demonstrates the differences in recoil between the 44 Magnum and 44 Special ammunition. The model 29 is a true American classic.
Not being a hunter, I never really looked too much into these big bore AR's. However, now living in Southeast Texas, as opposed to the People's Republic of New York and having a severe feral hog issue, it seemed time to take a look. The Anvil appeared to be ideal to host this hard hitting caliber. The larger receivers and bolt made the Anvil better equipped to handle the abuse of the .458 SOCOM round.

Of all of the big bore rounds out there, the 458 SOCOM has the most options; far more options for projectiles. Due to it being rather obscure, the big name companies don't make it ( Federal, Winchester and Remington), but several other well known boutique manufacturers do. This is a heavy caliber. You will not be firing a couple hundred a day; your shoulder will not like it. But when you send one down range at that hog, you won't feel a thing!