The .40 caliber cartridge took the industry by storm in both law enforcement, as well as commercial sales. It really bridged the gap between the 9mm and the .45 Auto cartridge. The first pistols introduced were the Glock 22 and SW 4006, both of which were scaled up 9mm pistols. The 4006 was the pistol the .40 cartridge was designed with. It is a heavy stainless steel pistol that is well suited for the new caliber. This pistol was not necessarily a real success compared to others but it was significant in the development of an industry legend.
Colt has literally bled to death the M1911 design over the last 100 years. They have tried to revive it as a valid modern military design in a world where the M1911 belongs in a military museum. Well, Colt got through to the Marine Corps the M45A1. The Corps unwavering commitment to tradition went with a pistol which was outdated and, in the end, quickly replaced with a practical Glock 19. Now for a M1911 aficionado, this is a refined M1911 giving the updates of a firing pin block and Mil-STD-1913 rail. The tan Cerakote proved to be problematic. The M45A1 is perhaps the final M1911 to enter and leave US service.

The industry has been consumed by the classic HK MP5 since its introduction in the 70’s. The commercial market has had a brief glimpse with the HK94, which was banned from importation in 1994. But let’s face it, its very stout price tag kept it from the masses. Quite frankly, the price tag was shocking due to the low cost of manufacturing.  The MP5 semi versions have made an appearance in the US but nothing beats the real thing. At SHOT Show 2017 HK introduced their new SP5K pistol, and the industry was excited. Again, the stout price tag, but it was made incredibly well. In this video, we also take a look at the traditional full auto MP5.
Very few know the true origin of the polymer frame striker fired pistol. This pistol was lost in history to be overshadowed by the Glock pistol. There is no question Glock brought the polymer frame pistol to the mainstream and gave it its legendary status.

Heckler & Koch developed their VP70 with a polymer frame predating Glock by more than a decade. But the staple gun-type trigger and the space age look caused its demise. The industry was just not ready. Now HK has come out with their second polymer frame striker fired pistol, das VP9. Highly refined modern combat pistol worthy of being in a LE or military pistol. Shown is the VP9 tactical with a Silencerco octane suppressor. Modern technology with just a little history.