Over the last couple of decades there has been several attempts to manufacture AR upper and lower receivers out of polymers and carbon fibers. For the most part it has been a complete and utter disaster. The synthetic materials would not hold up to the operating dynamics of the rifle. American Tactical out of Summerville, South Carolina has completely rethought the polymer receivers and come up with a viable and reliable product.

The new OMNI MAXX series rifles use a patented system, which consists of metal inserts in the rear of the lower receivers, which prevents the rear of the receiver from snapping off, as found in previous generations of polymer lower receivers. The upper receiver has a metal insert in the front of the receiver, which the barrel nut is attached. In testing several rifles it has been found that there is no negative effect from the heat to the bonding of the metal insert and polymer from which its molded into.

The lower receiver has been found to be just as durable and reliable as any aluminum receiver. Although only a two ounce savings in weight there is a major difference in cost between the forged aluminum receivers verses the polymer lower receivers. American Tactical offers this rifle in several configurations, including pistol variations. They are offered in both 5.56mm and 300 Blackout calibers. The barrels are very high quality and very accurate.


American Tactical AK-47

The American Tactical has taken Yugoslavian parts kits and assembled them in a milled American made receiver and an American made barrel, producing a high quality and reliable underfold AK rifle. This particular rifle was one of the first rifles I've ever had that every single one of the magazines of my inventory fit and functioned in. Many of those magazines would not fit in the NODAK SPUD, Chinese Norinco, and WASR Romanian AKM receivers, particularly the American made polymor magazines would not fit. The AT-47 offers an extremely high quality rifle with a reasonable price tag.