The LMT LM308MWSA Rifle is a direct derivative of the semi-automatic LM308MWS. The combat proven L129A1 in use by British sharp shooters has gone on to be adopted by other countries as well. The New Zealand Army purchased a very similar rifle but had the additional requirement for fully automatic capability. This makes complete sense in the fact that snipers go out either alone or in a two man team. If they were to get into trouble by having the select fire capability, as well as the heavy barrel, the rifle could serve as a light support weapon to provide the heavy fire power that may be required to break the engagement. The LMT LM308MWSA does just that. It provides precision accuracy but in the moment of need can provide a heavy volume of fire.

Due to the modularity of the MWS upper receiver, the barrel is easily swapped out at the user level. Barrels are offered in mil-spec chrome plated configuration, as well as match grade configurations. Based on my experience of having the opportunity to fire most 7.62mm selective fire modern military rifles, the LMT LM308MWSA stands out from the rest in its excellent controlability on fully automatic fire. LMT has found the balance between weight and cyclic rate of fire to make the rifle easy to control and keep on target, where other rifles in its class have significant recoil and muzzle climb.



The newest addition to the LMT lineup, the long anticipated fully ambidexterous lower receiver. This video has a first look at the MARS lower and the selective fire capability. A technical review and demonstration of the MRP CQB monolithic upper receiver. I believe that this rifle system is the fourth generation evolution of the m16 series weapons.

Aero Precision M5 .308 Winchester Carbine

Aero Precision M5 upper and lower receiver set
Aero Precision 16 inch SS bbl
Magpul MIAD pistol grip
Seekins Precision Billet Magazine Release Button
Gemtech Suppressed Bolt Carrier
Centurion Arms CMR Free Floating Handguard
SilencerCo Specwar Flash Suppressor
SilencerCo Omega Suppressor
ARMS, Inc #40L backup sights
ARMS Throw Lever Mounts
Truglo scope

My Southeast Texas Hog Gun! The Aero Precision is one of the highest quality receivers in the industry. They are now selling complete guns. They are also a major OEM supplier with high quality components.