For being the most mass produced military rifle in the world there has been little done in the area of maintenance. Throughout the years, the rifles have come with a very crud cleaning kit consisting of: patch saver and nylon bore brushes. Common patches will be rags or part of someone's shirt, not to mention, complete lack of solvents and lubricants. The AK has always been touted as a rifle that you don't need to clean because it's just so reliable. Sorry to burst your bubble but every weapon needs to be cleaned.

Based on the legacy cleaning systems there has been a need for a modern and proper cleaning system for this family of weapons. Otis Technology has created the first true AK47/AK74 cleaning systems. One of the primary innovations of the system is the new chamber brushes. The chamber brush is manufactured of bimetal wire, a wire consisting of stainless steel and copper. This enables proper scrubbing of the chamber and throat of the barrel, and remove baked in lacquer and mouth sealant, which remains in the chamber from the military grade ammunition.

The other problem solved is how to deploy the chamber brush due to the barrel sitting below the rear of the receiver. The new flex adapter permits easy impregnation of the chamber brush into the chamber and being able to twist the chamber brush without damaging either a cleaning rod or the chamber. Also provided with the kit is a copper all purpose brush that will remove carbon fouling on the piston operating rod. This system also will work very well for the SKS family of weapons. The kit is available in both 7.62x39, as well as 5.45x39mm.