Sig MPX 9mm Caliber Carbine - Take 2

My early attempts at filming were not successful. I was still trying to figure out what kind of content I wanted to put out and how I wanted it to appear. My first attempt filming the Sig MPX was a failure. I didn't figure into the mix other shooters at the range, even though I secured a private area far away from the general range. Obviously, not far enough. So my first filming had a lot of background firing. Flash 4-6 months later and I've finally cured that problem and decided to focus on the technical side of weapons. So here is Sig MPX SBR - Take 2!

Sig 516 AR Pistol and Brace

With the introduction of the AR pistols, most major manufacturers have come out with their own line of AR pistols. Sig started out with a direct gas pistol and now has added a pistol to their 516 family of external piston operated weapons. The Sig 516 pistol started off as the 516 PDW, which was an SBR. This particular 516 pistol is equipped with the controversial Sig brace.