Sig 516 AR Pistol and Brace

With the introduction of the AR pistols, most major manufacturers have come out with their own line of AR pistols. Sig started out with a direct gas pistol and now has added a pistol to their 516 family of external piston operated weapons. The Sig 516 pistol started off as the 516 PDW, which was an SBR. This particular 516 pistol is equipped with the controversial Sig brace.


11/24/2016 1:43am

Here is new style and design of pistol. We should keep with license because it not good without license. Many companies is works for making the strong country.

03/02/2017 1:12am

AR Pistols has reacted to market forces with one of its offerings, the Sig 516 AR Pistol. Many are searching for ways to maintain or increase proficiency without having to spend disproportionate amounts of their individual budgets on centerfire ammunition. The advantage of having an “understudy” SIG 516 AR Pistol and similar in ergonomics and controls to its full-powered sibling is well recognized.


Just a great weapon for a close range battles. We have a few of them in our dept.


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