British SA80

We have the unique opportunity to take a close look at the British SA80/L85A1 Rifle. The controversial British bullpup had an extremely rocky start. And today, it remains a suitable battle rifle which is destined to be replaced within the next decade. Regardless of how you feel about this rifle it has been a symbol of British firepower in the global war on terrorism.


This video is the totally explain how to shot the criminal. Many people kept the gun with license for your safety. When any person use the illegal gun so police catch this person and charge the fine.

01/06/2017 6:14pm

Wow, that’s a powerful rifle. I think my ears are going numb and deaf. I’m scared handling guns or rifles. I don’t know what to do if anyone would point a deadly weapon on me. I’d probably faint as soon as I see it.

01/07/2018 7:00pm

The government should have upgraded battle weapons in case of terror attacks. The British SA80/L85A1 Rifle is truly designed for an extreme target. It should be preserved and use in some other situations. Replacing it with other upgraded rifles is fine, but we should give value of it. Like what you have said, we should understand that this is the symbol of British firepower on terror attacks when it comes to global war. Thank you for sharing your invaluable insights about this matter.

04/11/2017 10:39am

Our armed forces should get the very best of this weapon. I think a few improvements would be fine.


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