POF-USA The Renegade Plus

POF-USA has built its reputation on the development of external piston AR type rifles. The last thing anybody thought they would introduce would be a direct gas rifle. Well, they did it! The Renegade Plus is a direct gas impingement rifle that utilizes most all of the enhanced features offered by POF-USA. These include the ambidextrous lower receiver, the heat sink barrel nut, the e2 chamber, and introduces the new DIctator adjustable gas system, and their new enhanced bolt carrier group.


10/10/2016 12:42am

Actually, the renegade plus has a lot of great qualities. What truly separates the Renegade plus is the Gen 4 POF-USA billet bring down recipient and POF-USA Ultimate Bolt Carrier Group. This recipient is totally able to use both hands and incorporates our level 3.5lb match review trigger with KNS Precision hostile to walk pins – coordinate prepared right out of the case. I learned a lot of it from my father who is a soldier. When he is home I always push him to teach me about his job, that way I can let him feel that I support his decision to have his life risked in the job he chose.

10/28/2016 1:13am

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10/28/2016 1:13am

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07/31/2017 11:20pm

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