Magpul PMAG D-60 Drum Reloader

As seen at Show Show 2016, the new Magpul D-60 5.56mm drum magazine. This is one of the finest drum magazines in existence for the 5.56mm AR rifles. The overall length is about the same as a standard 30 round magazine, so it is not cumbersome with the reliability and quality that we've come to expect from Magpul.


08/31/2016 11:22am

The new Magpul D-60 5.56mm really is a gun, which is one of it's kind. I personally loved how it shoots out of an assault rifle. Well I am going to go get myself an essay writing service so they would complete my term papers.

09/05/2016 5:45pm

This is the best self defense equipment I have seen today. Flakka is a real scary deal. I think we all need a gun in our house nowadays. Of course if you have anger management issues you should not have one. But again everyone must be prepared for self defense in case of an epidemic. Thank you for sharing. I would consider buying one given a chance.


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12/07/2016 10:20am

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04/11/2017 10:33am

There is something really funky with the audio. Like the video though.


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