Fact vs Fantasy on the Beretta M9/92FS

Watching numerous YouTubers discuss what happened with the Beretta M9 compelled me to address this issue and clear up a lot of the misconceptions that have tarnished Beretta's reputation and detracted from the solider's faith in his sidearm. The M9 has served with distinction for three decades with the US Military. I hope this rather in-depth video clears up a lot of the wrong information that is floating around.


Hrachya H.
08/20/2016 5:28am

Very interesting ...thank you !

04/04/2017 7:12pm

I don't really experience firing a Beretta handgun. I only fire Glock, I like to fire a different handgun it make me get used to the recoil of all the gun. Firing a gun is slightly hard to do, It's very difficult to aim when first timer. I like reading all the description of the guns on your website. I'm looking forward to your new post.

11/15/2016 10:09pm

Mostly people are taking the interest for join the intelligence force and also start the training. Few people are kept the gun at home for your safety. Government Issue the license for kept the gun at home without any tension.

12/07/2016 10:14am

Is it actually possible to fire with 2 Beretta simultaneously and accurate like in the movies?


Excellent video. I watched it on my Wii with the huge Tv screen and the video was very informative for the close in pictures of the parts.


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