This is a viewer requested video comparing these two very iconic firearms. There is no doubt there is some lineage between these two rifles. In fact, LMT manufactures several components for KAC. The lower receiver is licensed from KAC to LMT. The upper receiver of the LMT is a totally different design. I found it difficult to say which is better. I believe the LMT is a entirely new generation of rifle compared to the SR-25. I consider both to be excellent precision rifles. In the end, the LMT offers a flexibility that the KAC SR-25 simply does not. Both rifles are combat proven in the GWOT.

The SR-25 shown in this video is an early 1995 produced SR-25 Match Rifle. Although it has a URX rail added to it, as well as a PMag PRS stock, it is an original. The MK11 and M110 have gone through many updates and changes from this early design. I do mention some of the updated rifle features during this review of the SR-25.



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