This video shows a completely custom made rifle with all parts handpicked by me. The whole rifle is built around the excellent San Tan Tactical upper and lower receivers. These fine receivers are well made to say the least. The lower is fully ambidextrous; meaning on both sides are the selector, magazine catch, as well as bolt catch. The rifle uses a Centurion mid length 16 inch barrel which is manufactured by FN, with a pinned on ARMS folding front sight base.  The charging handle is a ambidextrous VLTOR/BCM Gunfighter.  The safety and takedown/pivot pins are manufactured by Battle Arms Development. The handguard is a 9 inch free floating Centurion arms C4 and the barrel is capped with a Smith Enterprises Vortex flash hider.

The pistol grip is my favorite in the industry, the Magpul MIAD. The trigger chosen is the Hiperfire 24E which is my favorite trigger in the Industry. Bolt carrier group is the black nitride coated Rubber City Armory BCG. The receiver extension and ModStock are manufactured by VLTOR. The optics are the DI Optic Raven-1 along with the DI Optic 3X magnifier both mounted with ARMS Mounts. The vertical pistol grip is manufactured by Archangel. The rails are protected by Manta rail covers.



09/28/2017 3:07am

Great boutique black rifles uses a centurion for the more handguard capped with a smith flash hider. Keep sharing with this smallarmssolutions blog for the vertical pistol and more safety say that least.


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