Aero Precision is one of the leading manufacturers of Black Rifle receivers in the industry. Starting off as an OEM contraction, Aero Precision has grown their own business to now manufacture rails, their own receivers, barrels, as well as many accessories.  They also offer their own line of complete firearms.

The two rifles shown are custom built rifles by me using many Aero Precision components including their ambidextrous lower as well as their new Gen 2 lower receiver.  One rifle uses their M4E1 enhanced upper receivers. Both feature their lightweight scope mounts. The upper receivers on both rifles are Aero precision. These two rifles were procured prior to Aero Precision barrels being offered, so one has a Daniel Defense cold hammer forged barrel and the other a Centurion Arms FN Cold Hammer Forged barrel.

These rifles are just a small amount of the endless possibilities of configurations available from the use of Aero Precision components. The company produces an excellent product and has incredible customer service.



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