This is the commercial version of the ARX-160 service rifle of the Italian Army. Perhaps the most ambidextrous rifle in the industry using advance polymers with a robust and reliable short stroke piston operating system. The rifle has a charging handle that can be changed from the left to right side by the end user. Also due to an open ejection port on both right and left sides of the receiver, by pushing in one lever the ejection pattern is switched by the end user to either the right or left hand side. The safety, magazine release, bolt catch and separate bolt release are also fully ambidextrous.

The rifle uses the standard M16/M4 STANAG magazine and is compatible with most magazines on the market. The rifle comes with a steel magazine. The barrel is easily removed by the end user. It is removed in a similar way the Glock slide is removed. Two tabs, one on each side are pulled down and the barrel is pulled from the front. The rifle is offered with various barrel lengths in 5.56mm. Also shown is a 7.62x39mm conversion which uses AK magazines. The barrels are cold hammer forged chrome plated 1/7 twist with a 5.56mm chamber.

Although the polymer trigger group is quite heavy, the rifle shot several different kinds of ammunition out of several variations of magazines without a failure. The Beretta made back up sights were rather large but effective. Polymer receiver does heat up fast. Overall a very well made and thought out rifle. If you are left handed this could really be your gun!



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