The nostalgia of the M16 series rifle begins in the jungles of Southeast Asia. The Colt Command/CAR15 were classic carbines used by MAC-V SOG and most memorably the Son Tay Raiders. The industry has seen a large interest and surge in sales of retro parts so people can build replicas of these classic firearms. Troy Defense took it even further. Not only did Steve Troy painstakingly recreate these carbines but also donated part of the proceeds to Vietnam Veteran groups and Special Forces Associations. 

Looking an Troy's recreations we see impeccable attention to detail. He recreated the aluminum stock, 2-position receiver extension and old spanned receiver extension nut. He has proper upper and lower receivers with period correct XM grey finish. The barrel has been modified with a pinned and welded fake moderator. It does not end here. We will be looking at the Battle of Mogadishu M16A2 Carbine, as well as the Global War on Terrorism MK12 Mod1.

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