The Galil Ace first entered the United States chambered in 7.62x39mm. It accepted AK-type magazines and was offered in both Carbine and pistol model. This is my favorite variation! Next to appear is the 7.62x51mm (.308 Win). Earle designs used the original 7.62x51mm proprietary Galil magazines. The ones imported took the SR25/AR10 magazines. But the one truly anticipated was the 5.56x45mm (.223 R.E.M.) version. This has been the most successful version of the ACE series recently adopted by the Chilean Army as well as Colombian Army. Also worth adding is that the 7.62x39mm version was adopted by the Vietnamese Army.

The 5.56mm version uses the standard STANAG (M16/M4) magazine. Earlier versions used the original Galil magazine. Another new feature is the bolt catch and release. This feature will eventually move over to the 7.62x51mm rifles/pistols. The 5.56mm is offered in a pistol as well.



10/29/2017 10:00pm

The Galil Ace is one of the best rifles out in the country. It's ammo is strong, but not as much as the AK-47. However, it is very accurate and precise if you have a good aim. It's commonly used for long range encounters, but would not fail in short range as well. I would definitely place this below the M4a1-S, but above the M4a4.


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