The 10mm cartridge is an excellent hunting cartridge, on par with a 44 Magnum. Quite stout recoil in a semi-auto pistol. For most, a bit too much for a defense pistol but perfectly acceptable for medium size game. Perhaps the most serious issue has nothing to do with the cartridge but the pistols that fire them. From the beginning the Bren Ten, SW 1000-series and Colt Delta Elite had durability issues. The first proper pistol to handle this punishing cartridge was the Glock 20. 

Sig released the newest 10mm on the market, perhaps one of the strongest 10mm pistols available. The P220 was designed with the 10mm in mind. Not only is the slide stainless steel but also the frame. The strengthening of the frame, along with a heavy recoil spring, make this pistol more tame than even the Glock 20. The pistol is available in both double/single action, as well as single action only.


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