There has been heavy anticipation as to what the newest Generation of Glock pistols was to be. Many bloggers have shown pictures of the G17 Gen 4 with front slide serrations to be that, which obviously was wrong. The Gen 5 comes out of the G17M program which was an FBI program. The new Gen 5 includes some significant enhancements, such as: The trigger mechanism has been redesigned and is not backwards compatible with previous generations. The slide stop is now ambidextrous. The barrel has also been changed and is also not backward compatible.

Traditional Glock barrels have been cold hammer forged shallow rifled polygonal or octagonal rifled. Due to this configuration, the barrels were not safe to fire lead ammunition. The lead fouling could cause catastrophic failures. The barrels are designed for jacketed ammo and the barrels last basically forever, which in my opinion is a major accomplishment. The Gen 5 uses the same type rifling but in a hexagonal rifling pattern. This is a standard pattern, but some say this makes the Gen 5 lead safe. It is NOT!

The shallow lands and grooves are manufactured the same way, and rifling pattern (polygonal, octagonal, hexagonal) makes no difference. The new Gen 5 Marksmanship Barrel has the hexagonal rifling with the rifling moved further rearward into the chamber area reducing bullet jump into the rifling. The muzzle is crowned as well.

We also take a brief look at some of the flashlights that Olite has to offer for handguns.


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