This is a multi-volume series on the writings of Chris Bartocci. Volume 1 is focused on the Black Rifle from manufacturers: Colt, HK, Armalite, JP Enterprises, Sig Sauer, Rock River Arms, POF, Yankee Hill, Lancer, ADCOR, etc.

This volume contains 41 articles that have appeared in popular gun magazines from over the years, put together in book form. Chris Bartocci has worked in the firearms industry for over 25 years. He has been employed by most of the major gun manfacturers as a technical writer and consultant. He has traveled all over the world teaching armorer's courses, and training the military and police on the latest weapons systems. Chris Bartocci is the author of Black Rifle II, and was a staff writer for Small Arms Review and Small Arms Defense Journal magazines. He has written for popular gun magazines for last 20 years. A Collection of Writings, multi-volume series, represents an expansive body of work. It is truly an impressive culmination of years spent researching and reviewing the latest firearms technology to enter the industry.

Signed hardback copies will be available in the coming weeks.


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In deflection refractometer, there 2 lenses are needed for the reflaction of beams. can anyone suggest which kinds of lenses are being used in Deflection Refractometer? i mean, Convex or concave? or any other advanced types?

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Nice set of weapons in your collection. It seems that every part of your collection is high caliber and fully functional. Given that it appears in the magazine, I assume that the items on your safe is really popular and the shop is always having customers to buy every of it. From how it describes here, it has the characteristics of a high quality tool yet very efficient. The industry also provides papers for proving its authenticity and also the right of using it. In addition to this, the paper signed for these items is the proof that it passed through precautionary measures and careful process which proves the tool is safe.

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I am so happy to read that! I will purchase this book really soon. It will be great.


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