Volume 2 is now available for sale on Amazon! Volume 2 is a continuation of Volume 1 covering the Black Rifle series of articles. Volume 3 will be available next week and it will cover handguns, shotguns, AKs, ammunition, armorer's tools, etc. Volume 3 will be the final volume. And then I will be working on signed hardback versions, and all three volumes bound in one collectors version next month.


09/26/2017 12:46am

This blog is truly extraordinary in all aspects.


It's been a while since you released something amazing like this. Honestly, I've been waiting for Volume 2 to come out any soon. I can't wait to finally use it. I would definitely love it more than the Volume 1. Now, you're announcing that you would also release the final volume soon? Is this the real life? This is too much for me to handle!

10/03/2017 8:29am

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10/07/2017 5:55am

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10/31/2017 9:03am

This is awesome. You know, I've tried a little bit of fiction writing myself. I haven't published my work yet because I'm still waiting for the right time to release it. It's about a guy trying to choose between what he wants and what he needs in life. I hope I get to publish it in the future. Congrats on your publication, man. More power to you!


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