Glock has continued to diversify their product line, and the Glock 41 is a perfect example of that. Longer slide (longer sight radius) and longer barrel (more complete powder burn and higher velocity). But the biggest plus is the narrower slide compared to the Glock 21. This makes a difference in the weight. The frame still accepts the G21 magazine. This pistol also permits the installation of a reflex sight. I took advantage of that and installed one on my Glock 41. It is amazing what this does for the accuracy!

Glock has a very diversified .45 Auto caliber line up - the duty size 21 with the compact 10 shot model 30. For someone with smaller hands they have the single column magazine G36. The G41, although perfectly suited as a duty pistol, truly shines in the tactical match role. This Glock 41 is definitely an excellent addition to my collection.


The technical issues found in the Glock is a piece of disturbance created by the machine. The whole machine is based on the processing of the motor and its parts. The technical review of the machine finalized that the machine is perfect for working..

10/25/2017 10:17pm

That's great news! I'm sure everyone would love your brand even more. I believe the new product line will definitely be a success. I just hope that you could post the new products here in this blog. Everyone likes to see the look and quality of a product before purchasing it. That's why you should definitely consider having a new blog post about all of the new features of the new product line. By that way, you could create a strong brand image to your target market.


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