The AK is legendary. And, nearly all Warsaw Pact countries carried it, except for one and that was Czechoslovakia. They decided they wanted to build their own rifle. By outward appearance, the VZ58 looks like an AK, but it has nothing in common.

The Czech rifle uses a short stroke piston and a locking block locking system compared to the long stroke and rotating bolt of the AK family of rifles. The propriety VZ58 magazine has a provision to permit the bolt to lock open on the VZ58. The VZ58 has found its way into conflicts throughout the world such as the Vietnam War.

The Czech Point VZ58 here is a commercial rifle manufactured in the Czech Republic. It is extremely well made and completely reliable. The only issues I had were due to my large frame, big hands and long arms. For me, the stock was way too short and pistol grip too small. For a normal sized person, this more than likely would not be a problem. This is a great rifle to have in a collection. Still in use by the Slovakian Army, once they completely replace the VZ58, there is a better than average chance production will cease for good.


This gun looks fancy and it has that feautures that are really useful. I want to buy one and this Czech VZ58. I will search it in the internet and I will see the things that I can do. I will buy the needed equipments for me to use it and maximize it as well. I will not waste my time on doing this.


I've always dreamt to fire a gun, but never had a chance. Your gun looks awesome and deadly. Really don't know much about guns, but based on your article Czech VZ58 Rifle is under the family of Rifles and was used mostly during the Vietnam Wars. It's really amazing that after how many years you still have a gun of the war. I hope you will take good care of it. Looking forward to firing a gun very soon


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