A rep from Pro For Sho contacted me in August right before Hurricane Harvey about trying out some new shooting ear protection. Honestly, I wasn't expecting much when I found out they were only about $17 and the ones Chris has me use at the range are supposed to be top of the line, electronic. Simply put, the expensive ones I've been complaining about since the year we starting filming I considered absolute crap. I still was hearing a lot of range noise and my ears would ring.

Yesterday was the first day we got to test them out and I instantly noticed a HUGE difference! We did a test. I had Chris wear the usual electronic ones to fire a pistol, then with the same pistol, I had him switch to the Pro For Sho and he instantly said "YES, OK, These are way better!" So we are happy to endorse this product and bring it to you with a DISCOUNT CODE they have also created for you to save even a little more off the already low price. The code will save you 10% off. It is exclusive to Small Arms Solutions and it is a reusable code, in case you want to buy one and then end up getting more. The Code is:


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10/01/2017 7:40am

Thanks for the review. I have found regardless of what type of ear pros (electronic and non-electronic) I use, there is a little gap that opens up when I am wearing protective eyewear so I have to use ear plugs along with the ear pro.

10/06/2017 7:33am

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