The Global War on Terrorism has shown gaps in the armament of many nations defense forces. The environments of Afghanistan and Iraq are quite different. Iraq is mostly urban warfare where Afghanistan is more mountainous and affords much longer shots. The U.K. Army found they needed a rifle with longer range capabilities than their 5.56mm SA80 rifles. They decided on a semi-auto 7.62x51mm Sharpshooter Rifle. Entries were submitted by Knights Armament, Saber Defense, FN, H&K and LMT. The selected rifle was the LMT LM7 better known as the LM308MWS.

This rifle featured LMT's monolithic upper receiver with their removable barrel assembly. The rifle is fitted with a 6x Trijicon ACOG with a RMO on top. SUREFIRE flash suppressor on a 16 inch stainless steel 1 turn 8.25 inch twist optimists from 147 to 168gr projectiles. This rifle has distinguished itself on the battlefield of Afghanistan.


The product has a different name and it is called LMT L129A1. This may have a different feature that we may use as our advantage. I will inspect the things that it can do. I will buy it if I am pleased with it. I am happy that this blog has given me the answers to my questions.

10/13/2017 5:37am

Thanks admin for the beautiful birthday wishes and messaqes... these are really helpful sometimes, like today is my boss's birthday..... instantly i have to wish him and your wishes and messages help me a lot.... thanks once again.....

10/07/2017 5:40am

Though I am not into gun since I always see this thing associated with war and violence, I had the guts to finish the video. Never had I thought that I will be able to enjoy a video review about a certain gun. British LMT L129A1 is so impressive. Well, I may not have a good standards yet but I was already impressed with what I saw from this video regarding its features. I am planning to watch more videos posted on this website so that I will be able to make a comparison.


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