Not being a hunter, I never really looked too much into these big bore AR's. However, now living in Southeast Texas, as opposed to the People's Republic of New York and having a severe feral hog issue, it seemed time to take a look. The Anvil appeared to be ideal to host this hard hitting caliber. The larger receivers and bolt made the Anvil better equipped to handle the abuse of the .458 SOCOM round.

Of all of the big bore rounds out there, the 458 SOCOM has the most options; far more options for projectiles. Due to it being rather obscure, the big name companies don't make it ( Federal, Winchester and Remington), but several other well known boutique manufacturers do. This is a heavy caliber. You will not be firing a couple hundred a day; your shoulder will not like it. But when you send one down range at that hog, you won't feel a thing!


10/29/2017 12:02am

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