Brownells Part Numbers and Product Links:

230-112-105 Roll Pin Punch Set
100-011-315 Geissele Reaction Rod
018-150-050 1/2 Square Torque Wrench
080-216-014 Barrel Nut Alignment Gauge
080-216-011 Pivot Pin Installation Tool
080-685-000 Roll Pin Holder Set
080-216-012 Bolt Catch Pin Punch
851-000-068 Smith Enterprise Armorer Wrench

Build Products Used:
100-021-012 AR15 20 A1 Rifle Barrel 1/7 Assy
078-101-154 A1 Flash Hider
100-003-639 Bushmaster Lower Parts Kit
430-00-522 Charging Handle
231-000-063 Tear Drop Forward Assist
100-024-755 Luth AR15 A1 Rear Sight Assy
430-000-523 Ejection Port Cover Assy
100-010-658 AR15 Gas Tube
078-000-358 Rifle Buffer & Receiver Extension Assy
080-001-303 A1 Retro Upper
080-001-304 A1 Blemished Lower
078-000-353 Retro Black Furniture
078-000-347 Retro Pistol Grip Black
078-000-344 Retro Triangular Handguards
078-000-350 Retro Black A1 Stock



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