The Desert Eagle has become iconic because of its star status created in popular movies of our time, with one of most iconic film stars, Arnold Schwarzenegger. It has become one of the most recognized pistols in the world. It was in production for a few years without notice. In Arnold Schwarzenegger’s film, Commando the Desert Eagles is when its fame began. Other Schwarzenegger’s movies such as: Red Heat, Eraser and my favorite, Last Action Hero, would create the demand for this family of pistols.

The Desert Eagle is a large gas operated pistol firing the 357 Magnum, 44 Magnum and the most powerful cartridge in the world to be chambered in a semi-automatic pistol, the .50 Action Express. Although the designers wanted an even larger projectile but the ATF would have classified anything over .50 cal to be considered a destructive device.


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