Once again, the industry and the community face another witch hunt of reaction-ism over realism. In typical fashion, after a rather unfortunate incident where a legal product was used by one deranged individual, we now have to go through another ban. Traditionally this happens. I will be the first to admit I am not really a fan of the bumpfire stock. I have no use for one. But I can appreciate that it is popular, and people have a lot of fun with it. Also, that it is not a danger to the public safety.
This product has been out for several years. The companies who produce it have gone through all the required licensing, including getting a ruling from ATF that the device is legal to sell. ATF issued a ruling that it is in fact legal and does not constitute a machine gun. Thousands have been produced and sold legally throughout the country. Now we fast forward to the incident in Las Vegas where these stocks were used in the commission of a crime. Unfortunately, regardless of what the product is, it is impossible to keep it out of the criminal element. So, the first reaction is to ban it. Typically, like Massachusetts, the anti-gun states jump right on the bandwagon. The attitude is we cannot let a tragedy go to waste.

NRA, in my opinion, did not do the right thing by calling upon ATF to make a ruling on the legality of the stock. ATF already has made a ruling and the stock is legal. I do believe asking them to relook at the opinion of the bumpstock opens up a whole new can of worms. The definition of a machinegun is very specific. One pull of the trigger produces continuous fire, only interrupted by release of the trigger or depletion of ammunition.  Now we risk having ATF imagine up a rate of fire which could potentially ban semi-auto firearms. I do believe the NRA has put us on some dangerous ground. I am not going to second guess NRA. They could have done this for any number of reasons. This debate belongs in the courts, not with the ATF.

Massachusetts has become the first state to ban the stock. They have very much overstepped their legal bounds in requiring people to turn their stocks over to law enforcement or face prison. Last I knew, Massachusetts has never documented a crime with one of these stocks. They are mandating private citizens turn these stocks in to law enforcement with no compensation for their legally purchased property. Due to the stock now being contraband, the state does not have to compensate its citizens. I find this completely unlawful. Government is getting out of control. Massachusetts, along with New York and California, have taken it upon themselves to violate the US Constitution to create a police state where only police and criminals may possess firearms. This is a major driving force as to why I left my home state of New York. Supreme Leader, Cuomo, decided my profession was not welcome in New York State.

I have great concerns about the upcoming ATF ruling and what it will mean to the industry, as well as, our personal liberty that is guaranteed by the constitution. This stock is not a threat to the community. But as with any tragedy, we have to do something. It does not matter what it is, but we have to give the perception that we have done something. I am just afraid this time we are getting into dangerous territory. Messing with legal definitions from specific mechanical definition to now what is perceived to be acceptable for how fast one can fire a rifle. Now we risk having triggers being banned, and who knows, now people may have to register their trigger finger because it could fire faster than they decided is acceptable.

I believe we are at the point where the firearms community can no longer make compromises to appease anti-gun politicians. There is no one compromise, it continues on and on. You compromise on this stock today and tomorrow another incident happens. Now we are asked to compromise again. The anti-gun movement will continue to introduce bans and further restriction. This industry and community needs to unite and say no more compromise. Today, bumpfire stock, but what will tomorrow bring? Perhaps next an AR-type pistol will be used in a crime. Now we will have to ban those?

Every piece of gear we have is subject to being targeted by an anti-gun campaign with every news story. I can guarantee you that there will be another mad man committing another heinous act and an entire community of gun owners will be penalized again to make more concessions. Do we compromise and say "okay", or do we say that we hold criminals accountable and not the gear they choose? Politicians, such as Feinstein and Schumer, will always have bills ready, which include banning firearms, ammunition and accessories. They demonize the American gun owner as they have their entire careers. Being a gun owner is not a criminal act. We should not be penalized and criminalized for the act of a mad man.

Feinstein and Schumer are proponents of heavily armed police, creating citizen victims and not allowing people to protect themselves. The hyprocrisy lies in the fact that they regularly use armed protection for themselves and their families. I was just watching a documentary on Waco and saw Schumer justifying ATF action and being arrogant and rude to the witnesses in front of the committee who were questioning the actions of ATF. These types of things scare the hell out of me. Big government can do no wrong; no individual rights, no government accountability, violation of US constitution on many levels, and using military assets against American citizens. We are losing our freedoms at an alarming rate and becoming what we have fought to stop since 1776.


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